Improve Sound Design and Audio Quality for Your Animations

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This module is just an overlook of what you will learn in this course.


What you will learn Preview What you will need

Voice Over Recordings

In this lesson we look at affordable recording equipment you need to get decent quality audio recordings. We also look at how to set it up, and how to record your voice artist.


Equipment for voiceover recording Setting up your recording equipment Preview Setting up Audacity Gain staging Recording your actor Exporting your audio

Sound Design

In this module we look at sound design. This is the process where you build the audio of your animation. From dialogue, music, sound FX, etc.


Places you can find free licensed music and FX Setting up and organising Sound designing Exporting your different tracks

Mixing Explained

It is one thing to have an amazing sound design for your animation, but if it is not mixed, it all will sound chaotic. In this module I will explain a little about mixing and the different sections to focus on.


Mono or stereo Preview EQ explained Compression explained 3D placements

Mixing your Audio

Now that you have completed your sound design and have a basic understanding of audio mixing, it is now time to mix the audio of your animation.


Planning your mix (3D placement) Rough mix Compression EQ Adding FX (Reverb, delay) Master bus Testing your mix


You now have all the knowledge and tools to start writing your script. In this module we will quickly recap what we have learned.


YouTube channels that will help Final conclusion

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