How To Create Your Own Animation Series with CTA4

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It is important to go through these two lessons before starting your course


What you will learn Preview Things to know before you start What you will need

Script Writing

Every animation needs a script. In this module I will go over script writing.


Planning Your Story Setting up your script Writing your Script Checking the flow of your story


Storyboarding is one of the most underrated parts of creating an animation. In my opinion, it is probably the most crucial. In this module I go over storyboarding.


Purpose of Storyboarding Clip Breakdown Storyboarding Techniques Exporting your images

Artwork Design

So, your script and storyboard is complete. Up next is to design your characters, scenes and props.


Drawing a CeltX Report Different Softwares to use CTA4 Tutorials

Voice Over

Next step in the process of creating an animation series is to record your voices. In this module I teach you where to find voice actors, what gear you will need, and how to record your voice actor.


Finding Actors Gear and setup Preview Recording your actor Exporting your audio


Your animatic is the backbone of your animation. In this module I go over how to create your animatic.


Setting up your Animatic Building your Animatic Final Check


Once your animatic is completed, you can now start with the most important part of the process – animation.


Exporting your Audio Animating Importing Animations


Once all your animations are done, it is now time to edit everything together for your final result.


Editing your Animation

Sound Design

In this module we look at sound design. This is the process where you build the audio of your animation. From dialogue, music, sound FX, etc.


Setup Channels Finding Audio FX What You want to Achieve Exporting and Mixing

Selling your Animation

You didn’t do all the hard work of creating your own animation series if you are not going to be financially rewarded for it. It is time to sell your animation.


Vimeo On Demand Membership Site Adding Subtitles


Who will buy your animation series if no one knows about it. In this module I cover some marketing tips that will help.


Facebook and Email Presskit Approaching media houses Expanding your Brand


This is the final module and we just look at the steps forward for you to continue your journey as an animator.


Timeline Summary

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