Begin Animation

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This is a complete course on animation for complete beginners.

Module 1 – Introduction

In this module I quickly go over the things you will learn in this course, and what you will need.


What You Will Learn Preview What You Will Need The History of Animation

Module 2 – Animation Overview

In this module we look at the different types of animations, what software and gear you need, as well as some fundamentals you need to know that forms the core basis.


Three Types Of Animations Animation Software Gear Needed for Animation Frame Rates Working On One's and Two's Keyframes Blocking and Inbetweens Onion Skinning Curve Editor or Graphs

Module 3 – Characters

In this module we dive into creating both 2D and 3D characters


Vector vs Raster Creating characters Rigging IK and FK Physics

Module 4 – Scenes and Backgrounds

In this module we learn more about creating scenes and backgrounds for your animations


Parallax Backgrounds (2D Animation) Creating a 3D Background Understanding Textures Lighting

Module 5 – 12 Principles of Animation

In this modulde we learn about the 12 Principles of Animations. If you want to become a great animator, you have to master these principles.


Squash & Stretch Anticipation Staging Straight Ahead – Pose to Pose Follow through – Overlapping action Slow In – Slow Out Arc Secondary Action Timing Exaggeration Solid Drawing Appeal

Module 6 – The 6 Steps of Animation

When animating, it is important to find a proven process to follow. One that will gaurentee good results for you. In this module I share my workflow. This will be a great startingpoint for you as a new animator.


Reference Videos Blocking Timing Inbetweens Smoothing Adding Life

Module 7 – Animation Pipeline

When you are working on an animation project like a shortfilm or TV series, you need to follow a pipeline. This pipeline is also in a specific order to help organise the workflow.


Three Stages of Animation Story Development Script Writing Concept Art Character Development Storyboarding Voice Overs Animatic Animation Sound Design Post Production

Module 8 – Rendering

Once you have finished animating a scene, you need to render it. In this module we learn about rendering, and some options you can use.


Rendering Explained Realtime vs Offline Rendering

Module 9 – Conclusion

You no know everything you need to know as a new animator. But now what? In this final module I give you some steps to continue your journey.


Your Next Steps
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