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Our current members

Community (registrations currently closed)

The community part of the Start Animating Academy is the glue that makes it all work.

The community works almost the same as Facebook, where you can make posts, comment or like other posts, join groups, and send friend requests to other members.  This is great to meet other likeminded animators and you get to learn from one another.

Need a 3D modular for your next project?  No problem.  Simply go join the 3D sculpting and moduling group and ask for help.  Get other people to work on your project, or help other animators on their’s.

So you may ask the question.  Why pay to be part of this community if you can simply join groups on Facebook, or any other social media platform?

The answer!  Because Start Animating is behind a paid wall, it will eliminate all trolls and spammers that you will normally find on social media platforms.  And since everyone in our community is paid members, it means that everyone is there for the same reasons.  They want to learn, grow and connect.  This is the perfect enviroment that we want to create inside our Community area.

Academy (registrations currently closed)

When you join the Academy, you will also have full access to the Community, but this is more for animators who wants to learn, grow and improve.

Every month you will get some resources to help you, and you will immediately have access to a mini course on the 12 principles of animation, and the animation pipeline.

You will also have access to the “Start Your project” page where we will guide you step by step on creating your very own animation project.  We will help you with every aspect in the animation pipeline, from coming up with a story concept to recording your voiceover actors.  Every 2 weeks a new task is made available and each task comes with practical homework to complete.  This will help you to finish your first proffesional animation project one step at a time.

Mastermind (registrations currently closed)

The Mastermind is for the serious animators.  Those who want to learn as much as they can and turn their animation hobby into a business.

As a Mastermind member, you will have access to both the Community and the Academy, but there are special groups only available to the Mastermind members, such as the Business Lounge, where we look at ways to turn your hobby into a business.

You also have 1 video call with Eon per month where he will personally look at your animations to help guide you and give you some pointers to work on.

If you are serious about being a successfu animator, the the Mastermind option is for you.